# How to inject custom CSS in iOS Safari

Hyperweb allows you to inject custom CSS on any website to change the style as you see fit. This is a free feature.

Under the Popular tab go to Custom Styles. From there you can

  1. Enable or disable a style suggested by us
  2. A a custom style from a URL, e.g. https://gitlab.com/vednoc/dark-instagram/raw/master/instagram.user.styl

  • Preprocessors supported: default, uso, stylus and less
  • Supported @-moz-document filters (these allow scoping styles to specific pages):
    • url
    • url-prefix
    • domain
    • regexp
  • @var is supported;

Some galleries for CSS user styles:

Note that Safari loads the mobile version of pages by default, so any styles designed for the desktop version may not work properly.